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Vivid Moya M1: Ultra-premium Floorstanding speakers

Vivid Moya M1
Vivid Moya M1

Vivid Audio has announced the release of a new ultra-premium speaker system, the Moya M1 . According to the company, the new product will become the next flagship of the line and meets all the development principles that have been present in the company for 20 years. The appearance of the new speaker system was created in the hospital where designer Lawrence Dickie was staying during quarantine.

The company called the Super Flux magnets in the D26 tweeter the secret to high-quality sound . They deliver 2.5 Tesla flux, twice that of most 25mm dome tweeters. The acoustic absorber has a large opening for free movement of sound waves from the rear wall of the diaphragm.


A quick glance at the Moya M1 will immediately highlight the eight C225-100H woofers with 100mm coils, each delivering 800W. It uses a radial rare earth magnet system with a gap of 45 mm. Compared to the two C225 Giya G1 Spirit models , the Moya M1 features four times the driver array, equating to an additional 6dB increase in efficiency. Thus, it was possible to expand the lower limit of the frequency range – below 20 Hz.

The D26DLC tweeters use a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum to rival the more expensive beryllium in performance. The company also noted that their branded tweeters are superior to diamond ones in certain characteristics. One of the key advantages of a reinforced aluminum dome over a diamond one is that it is lighter, resulting in a 10 dB increase in efficiency.


The sound quality of the C100SCu mid-range speaker has been enhanced by using high-energy magnetic material and a high-purity copper shield. This design not only improves sound, but also effectively reduces distortion.

This is complemented by a 50mm D50DLC tweeter/midrange driver and a pair of C175-76 mid/bass drivers with 175mm carbon fiber reinforced diaphragms.

If previously the company outsourced production, now the full production cycle is entrusted to Vivid Audio itself . All components of the speaker system are manufactured manually by our own specialists.



  • Sensitivity – 92 dB;
  • Nominal resistance – 5 Ohms;
  • Frequency range – from 19 Hz to 42,000 Hz;
  • Power consumption – 3000 W;
  • Speaker dimensions – 1660 mm (H) x 660 mm (W) x 1210 mm (D);
  • Net weight: 346 kg.

Price: $450,000

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