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Vox Mini Go Portable Combo Series with VET Technology, Modulation Effects, Drum Machine and more

Vox launches the Mini Go series of compact multifunctional amps. All models feature light weight, mobile design and built-in proprietary effects / technologies.

The Mini Go is based on VET modeling technology, which Vox engineers have been using for a long time (for example, in the Valvetronix series of hybrid amplifiers). The new combos are positioned by the company as “mini-combines” for all occasions – they can be useful at home, in the studio, and at performances, including on the street.

The younger model Vox Mini Go 3 with a power of 3 W received a 5-inch speaker, the middle Mini Go 10 (10 W) was equipped with a 6.5-inch speaker, and the older version of the Mini Go 50 (50 W) received a standard eight.

All three combo boasts several built-in models of various amps: there are classic emulators like the Vox AC30, as well as more modern ones with a heavy overdriven sound. Of course, there are several modes exclusively for pure sound.

The Tone and Gain knobs will help you adjust the sound. The older model received a full-fledged EQ unit. In addition, the musician will be able to enrich the sound due to the block of modulation effects (almost all the most popular ones have been collected, including reverb, chorus and delay). Each model has a separate vocal microphone input.

A special emphasis should be placed on the built-in drum machine with tempo control and different styles. This should help the musician during rehearsals as well as during solo improvisations. The engineers also took care of the looper (which is not available in the younger version) – it is still in great demand, despite the new generation of amps with connection to PCs and mobile gadgets.

Finally, the Mini Go 10 and Mini Go 50 models are equipped with power controls (similar to an attenuator) that will allow you to turn the volume down, but keep the overall power at a level acceptable for any room.

The Mini Go amps can be controlled not only through the control panel itself, but also through the optional footswitch. You can power the Mini Go combo from the mains or from an external battery (it is not included in the package).

New combo amps have already appeared on the American market. The cost of the younger Mini Go 3 was $ 170, the Mini Go 10 was offered at $ 230, the older Mini Go 50 will cost $ 300. Footswitch VFS3 costs about $ 70.

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