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Wharfedale Denton and Linton Acoustics: British heritage in black oak

Natural veneer, stylish shade and the whole gamut of good sound – the classic models of  Denton and Linton loudspeakers from Wharfedale have received a new finish in precious woods and a deep black color – it is difficult to think of a more elegant combination. Company Wharfedale offers lovers of the classics a new design solution for the speakers series Linton Heritage and of The 85th Denton : from this point on both rulers device is available in colors of Black Oak . Natural veneer is used as a basis in both cases, and the overall quality of finish and workmanship meets the highest standards.

Recall that the release of The 85th Denton is timed to coincide with the anniversary of Wharfedale , founded in 1932. The design of the acoustics is almost identical to the first devices in the series – the stylish, sleek body and now looks great in almost any setting. But the filling of the AU has undergone major changes. For example, it uses an innovative Kevlar cone with a rigid base, which provides a close-to-reference bass / midrange and enhances dynamic performance in a variety of music genres.

The high-frequency range is processed by a soft fabric dome and a high-flux ferrite magnet – this solution helps to soften particularly harsh notes and make the overall sound of the system even more harmonious. The original Denton was characterized by a warm, rich and natural character – these are the qualities that Wharfedale engineers tried to embody in the anniversary reissue.

Wharfedale Denton and Linton acoustics - British heritage in black oak

The acoustics of the updated LINTON Heritage series , in turn, embody the properties formulated for this line back in 1965: high-quality sound, a high level of assembly and an attractive price tag. The 3-way speaker features a hand-crafted veneer cabinet, a Kevlar driver on a solid die-cast chassis, and thick bass with excellent dynamics. Another Kevlar speaker located in its own internal chamber is responsible for the midrange; for the upper ones – a tweeter with a soft fabric dome and a ferrite magnet.

And in general, there are no random components here: the manufacturer spent more than 1,000 hours just testing the crossover developed specifically for LINTON . For connoisseurs of complex solutions and practical accessories, there is also a floor stand of the same name. It absorbs unwanted vibrations, prevents the speakers from moving around the set listening axis and has a compartment for storing vinyl records.

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