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Wharfedale Dovedale: A new generation of the classic model

Wharfedale has released a new model of Dovedale loudspeakers , which has replenished the Heritage line.

Speakers bearing the Dovedale name first appeared on the market in 1965, but the new version is based on the third generation of the Dovedale 3, which was released in 1971. The novelty is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the brand and is produced at the company’s factory in Cambridgeshire. Compared to the original model, the new version is taller and significantly deeper.


The high-frequency transducer is equipped with a 25 mm woven dome and is loaded on its own acoustic chamber with an absorber. The midrange and bass drivers have Kevlar cones measuring 130mm and 250mm , respectively, while the midrange driver is also loaded with its own acoustic volume. The bass speaker works on a phase inverter, the dual port of which is brought to the rear panel.


The body panels are covered with natural veneer and made of two layers of MDF with a gasket made of vibration damping material, the internal volume is additionally damped with acoustic foam and fiber material. The stated lower cutoff frequency of the system is 25 Hz , which promises solid bass. Sensitivity is 89 dB , impedance varies from 6 ohms to 3.6 ohms .


The Wharfedale Dovedale speakers will go on sale in the UK market in March 2023 for £5,000 without stands, and £5,500 for a pair with branded stands .

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