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Wharfedale ELYSIAN 1: A serious set of speakers

The top line of acoustics from  Wharfedale has been  replenished: the compact  ELYSIAN 1 bookshelf speakers  have received the exterior characteristic of the entire series, excellent technical characteristics and a serious set of speakers that provide a truly flagship sound level. Every element of  Wharfedale ELYSIAN 1 loudspeakers is designed according to the strictest standards: drivers, crossover and even the cabinet itself are assembled to offer potential owners the maximum “sound” at a reasonable price.

The speakers borrowed its key features from the first models of the series ( ELYSIAN 4 and ELYSIAN 2 ) – judging by the number of awards they won, the base of ELYSIAN 1 is very strong! In particular, it uses an AMT high-frequency emitter  developed specifically for the flagship Wharfedale series . The ingenious tweeter design provides extra depth, while the ultra-light diaphragm material and damped rear chamber deliver unique treble clarity for a device of this level.

The ELYSIAN 1 loudspeaker is implemented in a two-way configuration and is equipped with its own midrange / woofer with a diameter of 180 mm with a fiberglass cone, capable of playing frequencies up to 49 Hz. Its potential is especially felt in the drums and wind instrument parts: the level of detail here is noticeably higher than that of any other top-class shelf players. And thanks to the SLPP ( Slot-Loaded Profiled Port) bass reflex design , this acoustics allows you to really feel the bass even with mid-range amplifiers.

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Plus, you don’t have to waste time looking for the perfect location for the system itself or a suitable listening point. The design allows ELYSIAN 1 to evenly fill the surrounding space with music and completely solve the positioning problem. Everything about the external “performance” is already clear: like other models of the flagship line from Wharfedale , the compact novelty looks like a finished interior decoration, and the piano lacquer finish and hand polishing turn it into a work of art.

Key features of Wharfedale ELYSIAN 1 bookshelf monitors  :

  • advanced technologies, powerful filling and premium design solutions from Wharfedale ;

  • drivers specially designed for the ELYSIAN series with unique characteristics for their class;

  • impressive low-frequency potential and high-frequency AMT driver ;

  • stylish design and impeccable quality of finishing.


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4.3 / 5. 52

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