Yamaha MSP3A – Compact Active Monitors for Accurate Sound Reproduction

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MSP3A is the next generation of active monitors after MSP3. The model, presented in a lightweight and compact body, provides high quality sound reproduction, equipped with universal inputs with simple controls.

Beloved by users for many years, the compact reference monitor MSP3 has been released in the new version MSP3A. It is the first monitor to feature Twisted Flare Port ™ technology and deliver deep bass reproduction. The built-in 22W amplifier is optimized for a 10 cm (4 “) woofer and a 2.2 cm (0.87”) tweeter. Weighing just 3.6 kg, the monitor can be used as a mobile audio monitoring solution. Like the first generation, the monitor has multiple input ports and is compatible with a variety of brackets for different tasks.

The MSP3A delivers quality sound control for small recording studios, broadcast studios, post-production studios, rehearsal rooms, multimedia and home AV installations.

Deep bass thanks to Twisted Flare Port technology

The MSP3A’s Twisted Flare Port technology is developed in an active search for new ways to improve subwoofers. A slightly twisted horn-shaped bass reflex port diffuses air turbulence at the edges of the port, smoothing the air flow. This reduces the level of background noise in the sound and provides clear and accurate reproduction of low frequencies. The reproduced audio content – from special effects in films to live concert performances with their characteristic ambience – has clear, dense and realistic bass.

MSP3A specifications: 

  • Active compact monitor
  • 2-way active studio monitor
  • Frequency response 67 Hz – 22 kHz
  • 10 cm (3.94 “) Twisted Flare Port woofer and 2.2 cm (0.87”) tweeter
  • Power output 22 W • Weight 3.6 kg

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