Insiders argue when Apple will release new iPads

When will Apple release new iPads?

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo are two huge pillars in the world of Apple insiders. Both of these nice gentlemen believe that the company will show nothing this month and probably this year. Most likely, releases of Macs, iPads and all that other stuff are not expected until next year.

The publication 9to5mac , citing Supercharged , got into a fight with them . And it says this: Apple will release new iPads this week. According to them, this will happen on October 17. Among the releases is the iPad Air, which will update the system-on-chip from the Apple M1 to the Apple M2, as well as the iPad mini. The latter will get last year’s A16 Bionic from the iPhone 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max and iPhone 15 / 15 Plus. Probably, the Mini will also reach 120 Hz, but I wouldn’t count on that at all.

There is also a third party to the dispute. This is an X/Twitter user who goes by the name Majin Bu . At the end of September, he announced that Apple was working on a new pencil. They say there will be new magnetic tips that will add more functionality.

For example, the pen will be able to detect color. True, Majin Bu did not name any release dates.

Who is right?

The tablets may be presented in October – November: the last time Apple released any new or updated iPad was a year ago, since then the line has not developed at all. True, I still have more confidence in the two men mentioned at the very beginning. It’s Mark Gurman from Bloomberg and Ming-Chi Kuo!

Along with the tablets, a new Apple Pencil will also be presented, if Majin Bu’s source turns out to be right.

Bonus: iMac 24

MacOtakara also says that Apple is about to update the iMac, which will receive M2 and M2 Pro chips. On the one hand, the candy bar needs an IP: it was released in April 2021, and nothing has changed in it since then.

However, the release of a new computer at the end of the M2 sales cycle looks strange: MacBooks based on the M3 will be presented in the spring or summer. What is the point? Moreover, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg claimed that the first computer based on the M3 would be the iMac. Therefore, the imminent release of the monoblock promised by MacOtakara looks very doubtful.

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