Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: Update gives new features for work and play

Samsung Electronics has introduced an update to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 | S7 + to make the S Pen and Galaxy Buds Pro even more comfortable and functional.

More possibilities with the S Pen

With the installation of a software update, the S Pen will become even more convenient. Now you can use it to fill in text fields where you usually had to use the keyboard – for example, when entering an address or contact information. That is, everything written in such fields will be instantly converted into digital text, including punctuation marks – to insert a space, you just need to draw a check mark (‘v’) between words, or draw an arc (‘⌒’) to combine two parts of a word into one.

A new stylus mode is available in the Samsung Notes app for a smoother, more natural note-taking experience . The selected text recognition option ( Pen to text ) allows you to convert handwritten text to digital as you write characters. The Pen to text option is available in 80 languages and recognizes any punctuation and spaces, eliminating the need to lay the S Pen aside when working with Samsung Notes .

Working with notes in Samsung Notes

Those who use the Galaxy Tab S7 | S7 + tablets to work with paper documents will appreciate the ability to scan through the Camera app and edit in Samsung Notes . Just click the “Attach” icon in the app, scan the document and get started, taking notes right on the digital copy of the document.

About 360 Audio technology

The 360 Audio feature , introduced with the Galaxy Buds Pro , lets you enjoy surround sound while watching videos on the Galaxy Tab S7 | S7 + . The intelligent motion tracking sensor accurately detects the direction of the audio in the video. Headphone volume adjusts based on head movement for powerful, all-encompassing sound.

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