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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE in sight

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE

Samsung has an important space in the segment of tablets , and although its marketing no longer reaches the sales numbers of a few years ago, it does not seem to have any intention of stopping launching new models. One of the next would be the traditional Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE , as its main features have been discovered through Geekbench.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE was initially expected on the market during the first half of 2022 , since the S7 FE version had just been released in May 2021. However, three models of the Galaxy Tab S8 line were announced in the past months which included the standard version, Plus and Ultra with a spectacular 14.6-inch screen .

First technical details of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 FE appears publicly for the first time

With no information on when the Korean giant is planning its launch, it will surely end up happening before the end of the current year and it is good news to know that this line of tablets has not been canceled. Through the Geekbench analysis tool, it has been possible to observe data on its processor as well as RAM memory and connectivity .

The internal name of the device corresponds to SM-X506B and it is powered by the MediaTek processor called MT8791V/TZA , or also known as Kompanio 900T. Its accompanying RAM memory is 4 GB DDR4 (although there are surely several options available) as well as its operating system is part of the brand new Android 13 version.

According to other specialized media , this leaked model, SM-X506B, would correspond to the option that would come with built-in 5G connectivity , while there would be an SM-X500 variant that would only support Wi-Fi . Surely there will be more technical details or even product images that appear in the coming weeks before Samsung officially announces it.

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