Teclast T60: Probably the most affordable tablet in 2024

Teclast has released the inexpensive tablet T60
Teclast has released the inexpensive tablet T60

Good news for those looking for an affordable, stylish and functional tablet. The Teclast company has released just this one. It hit the markets as Teclast T60 for less than US$300. This 12-inch device is equipped with an 8000 mAh battery, 256 GB of internal memory and 8 GB of RAM.

Teclast has released an inexpensive tablet T60

Teclast T60 provides long operating time and economical energy consumption. It has a cellular modem that supports a wide range of frequencies. The tablet’s four speakers deliver decent sound quality, and the metal body combines understated appeal with durability. With the right settings, the screen displays colors with high accuracy and has excellent resolution.

The tablet uses Android 13 with the latest security patches. In addition, there is support for Widewine L1, which allows you to watch streaming content in HD format.

The device can hardly be called the “best gaming tablet.” If for casual games there is enough power and a large screen with an expanded Full HD resolution, then when working with more demanding games, an insufficiently powerful chip faces problems.

However, the Teclast T60 provides a lot of functionality for a fairly affordable price.

Price: $269