The iPad Pro 2024 will be the biggest update to its series in several years

The iPad Pro 2024 will be the biggest update to its series in several years
The iPad Pro 2024 will be the biggest update to its series in several years

According to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, Apple is hard at work revamping the 2024 iPads Pro . In this sense, we are talking about the biggest change they have undergone since 2018, so we can expect many improvements, especially on the screen, the processor and the Magic Keyboard. If everything is true, then the iPad Pro 2024 will be a before and after for this series of premium-range smart tablets, and today we will see why.

iPad Pro 2024, with OLED screen and M3 chip

Going into details, the next models of iPad Pro, which respond to the code names J717, J718, J720 and J721, will make the leap to the new generation Apple silicon M3 chip . We’re talking about the same chip that will power the Macs of the future.

Likewise, they will be the first Apple tablets with OLED screens, the same type of screens used in the iPhone since the X model in 2017. As you may know, these panels are sharper and brighter, as well as reproduce colors more accurately. than their Liquid Retina counterparts.

Another interesting fact is that the iPad Pro 2024 models will come in presentations from 11 to 13 inches ; so technically the most advanced model will outline a larger panel than the previous generation.

If these rumors are to be believed, then the Magic Keyboard will also receive significant improvements, although there aren’t many details yet on what will change. Either way, the keyboard will make the new iPad Pro look almost like a laptop (even more than the current one) and will better serve the user with a larger trackpad .

According to Gurman, these new 2024 iPad Pro models seek to recapture the company’s tablet sales , which have been in decline for several years, something that can be attributed not only to the state of the market, but also to Apple’s questionable decisions. and the few incentives to switch to the new models. The latter is particularly true for the iPad Pro series, which maintains the same design as the 2018 model.

Finally, everything indicates that the new iPad Pro will be hard to come by until at least spring 2024 or summer in the worst case.