Apple is working on new Mac Pros, one of them will be a cubic Mac G4 Cube style

Apple is working on new Mac Pros, one of them will be a cubic Mac G4 Cube style

In addition to powerful Mac Pros, the company is also preparing a MacBook Pro with a proprietary ARM processor, an iMac in a new design and an affordable monitor.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is developing two versions of the Mac Pro professional workstation. The former will be a direct successor to the 2019 Mac Pro model, while the latter will receive a cubic design and will be half the size, which, presumably, will evoke nostalgia for the Power Mac G4 Cube.

The first variant, like the current Mac Pro, will use the same design and Intel processor instead of its own chip. It is possible that this will be the only Mac in the lineup based on Intel technology. According to rumors, the rest of the company’s devices will switch to Apple processors. The second option will be much smaller in size, thanks to the use of its own processors on the ARM architecture. The publication writes that this model of Mac Pro will receive an aluminum casing in the form of a cube, and the computer itself will be something in between the latest versions of the Mac Pro and Mac mini.

Apple is testing its own processors with 32 high-performance cores for its desktops, as well as 64 and 128 graphics cores that will be several times faster than AMD solutions used by the company today. Most likely, the new Mac Pro will be presented in 2022. According to Apple, the process of switching to in-house processors will take up to two years. Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently revealed that MacBook Pros with M1 chips and new designs for all-in-one iMacs are expected this year, as well as a more affordable monitor.

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