AURO-3D Unveils Revolutionary AURO-CX Codec at CES 2024

AURO-3D Unveils Revolutionary AURO-CX Codec at CES 2024
AURO-3D Unveils Revolutionary AURO-CX Codec at CES 2024

January 9-12 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, AURO-3D will demonstrate its latest achievement – the next generation codec AURO-CX. What makes the codec so special is its scalability: it supports different numbers of channels, sample rates, and audio objects in a single data stream, offering incredible flexibility and sound quality.

AURO-CX is designed not only for streaming, but also finds application in broadcasting, having a number of advantages over existing solutions. Saving storage and reducing the number of encoding operations significantly reduces the cost of time and resources.

A key feature of AURO-CX is scalable quality: a single data stream can include both lossless and compressed audio. Support for various sampling rates (48, 96 and 192 kHz) allows the decoder to extract only the necessary data. This makes the AURO-CX ideal for streaming services looking to offer premium audio quality.

AURO-CX also has the ability to transmit additional audio tracks in one stream, which improves the quality of high-altitude channels and makes the sound more spacious. The codec supports a number of features for broadcast systems, including dialogue enhancement and audio localization.

Since 2011, AURO-3D has been developing technologies to create truly immersive sound environments. Their innovation, AURO-CX, continues these innovations by offering unique solutions for audio content creators and consumers.

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