Barco UniSee 500: More affordable, convenient and more functional LCD video walls

Barco UniSee 500

The world leader in professional visualization solutions, Barco , has unveiled the next generation of LCD video walls, the Barco UniSee 500 . The novelty has turned out to be even more convenient and functional than the models of the previous generation, and will help expand the scope of video walls. UniSee 500 video walls can be equally successfully used in hotel and office lobbies, in situational centers and television studios, meeting rooms and conference rooms. Well thought out design, simple and quick installation procedure will appeal to installers and greatly simplify work with customers.

A distinctive feature of the first generation of Barco UniSee video walls is the record-breaking small gap between the panels, eliminating the noticeable effect of the lattice separating the image. No other global manufacturer has been able to achieve such a seamless and visually seamless image from LCD video walls, and Barco engineers have already carried out a number of significant improvements. In the UniSee 500 model, the accuracy of panel positioning during installation has been increased, the maintenance procedure has been simplified, and the reliability and stability of operation during installation in difficult conditions has been increased.

Barco UniSee 500

Improvement of the proprietary Sense X algorithm made it possible to achieve greater picture uniformity both across the entire video wall field and within each panel separately.
At the same time, the new generation of Barco video walls takes into account the key market demands. Maintaining and improving the exceptional performance and quality of the first version of video walls, the UniSee 500 has a lower maximum brightness value and a more affordable price. This allows Barco’s high-quality video walls to be used in projects with budget constraints. Another feature expanding the scope of application is the increased viewing angles of the new LCD panels. Thanks to this, they can be used in relatively small spaces – meeting rooms or TV and video studios. In addition, this makes video walls a more effective solution when installed as advertising and information panels, when the readability of the picture from any angle is of fundamental importance.

Barco makes a lot of efforts to ensure that video walls meet the needs of not only end users, but also sellers and installers. In addition to ease of installation, practical packaging and well-thought-out logistics, the innovative Video wall Management Suite has been developed that allows you to monitor the status of panels and manage video wall settings remotely.

“The Barco UniSee range has the potential to dramatically improve the visual experience and efficiency of any work or public space. And the new generation of Barco UniSee 500 continues this success story , ”said Gerrit Vermeir, Director of Product Management at Barco, about the new product. “The UniSee 500 offers all the well-known advantages of our platform, including the innovative UniSee Mount for easy alignment, a seamless, visually seamless picture, and auto color and brightness calibration. What’s more, the existing Barco UniSee-based peripheral ecosystem remains fully compatible with the new generation of Barco UniSee 500. These include curved mounts, touch pads, finishing solutions and more. ”

Barco UniSee500 video walls will be available from April 2021.

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