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Bettercap: A comprehensive hacking utility for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet

Bettercap is a universal utility that allows you to investigate the vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi networks, devices with Bluetooth Low Energy and carry out various attacks. Its source code is available on GitHub .

It is written in the Go language and is aimed at information security professionals and enthusiasts. Its main advantage is ease of use and a large set of built-in tools. The program has a convenient web interface that can be activated using several commands. You can install bettercap on different systems: Windows, GNU / Linux, macOS and even Android. Before that, you just have to install a couple of dependencies.

The utility’s functionality is quite wide, so it will be useful for researchers: scanning Wi-Fi points, deauthorizing their clients and intercepting handshakes, attacks such as MouseJacking, allowing you to gain control over some wireless keyboards and mice, DNS spoofing, and much more. A complete list of program features can be found on the website . There is also detailed documentation on using bettercap.

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