Capture One 22 Update Version 15.3.0 Adds Magic Eraser and Improved Capture to Computer

Capture One 22 Update Version 15.3.0 Adds Magic Eraser and Improved Capture to Computer
Capture One 22 Update Version 15.3.0 Adds Magic Eraser and Improved Capture to Computer

Capture One has released an update to its popular Capture One 22 RAW converter , version number 15.3.0. The program has updated the function of shooting to the computer and added the “Magic Eraser” (Magic Eraser), as well as many new improvements.

What’s new in Capture One 22 (15.3.0)

  • Wireless shooting on Sony cameras to a computer
  • Ability to save to card and computer when connected to Canon cameras
  • Magic Eraser
  • Toolbar redesign
  • Cloud transfer from iPad
  • The crop factor is saved for each image
  • Smoothness of rotation (Mac)
  • Style packs now require confirmation upon installation, preventing accidental multiple installations of the same pack
  • Tutorials for new users
  • Metal support on Intel (Mac)

Video presentation from Capture One

Capture One 22 (15.3.0) adds wireless capture for Sony a7R IV, a1, a7 IV, a7S III, a7C, FX3, ZV-E10 and a9 II cameras.

When shooting to a computer with Canon cameras, you can now choose where to save images – to a memory card, to a computer, or to both media. Those who constantly shoot to the computer will certainly appreciate this improvement. The author of these lines once conducted a studio shoot on a customer’s laptop, which was his requirement. It was not easy to get photos later, many will understand me. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this function, but its usefulness is undeniable.

The new Magic Eraser tool offers the same functionality as the Magic Brush – you can use it to edit masks, including the sky and skin in a portrait. The Magic Eraser works with the Layers and Cursor Tools. If necessary, you can link the Magic Eraser to the Magic Brush – these tools will use the same settings for size, opacity, tolerance, edge feathering and other parameters.

The toolbar has been redesigned with larger icons, labels that can be turned off, relocated tools, and new settings.

The crop aspect ratio is now saved per image instead of globally in the crop tool. Returning to a previously edited image will now display the crop factor applied to that specific image.

Cloud Transfer will allow Capture One Pro to import images that are in the cloud on the iPad app, which will only be available on June 28, 2022.

Added support for Canon M50 II and Canon R5C cameras and new Canon RF lenses, including RF 24-120mm F4-6.3 IS USM, RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM, RF 800mm F5.6 L IS USM and Canon RF 1200mm F8 L IS USM.


  • Asterisks: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, where 0 resets the rating
  • Color: q, w, e, r, t, y, u, i where Q resets the tag

The developers continue to improve HDR and panorama fusion tools, which are still far from perfect in the program. The new version fixes a bug due to which panorama and HDR files were not displayed in the active collection, as well as a bug due to which image orientation was not taken into account when merging panoramas.

Capture One 22 perpetual license costs $299.