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ChatGPT launches its official application for iOS

ChatGPT launches its official application for iOS
ChatGPT launches its official application for iOS

ChatGPT has taken the technological world by surprise in recent months and perhaps even its own creator, since OpenAI probably did not expect such popularity and did not even have its own application ready for mobile devices. Now the first step starts on Apple phones .

Although until now there were some third-party applications that integrated OpenAI’s artificial intelligence technology based on the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 standards, starting this week you will be able to download and install an official App from the company that will basically offer you the same experience existing in browsers but optimized to work on Apple mobiles.

ChatGPT takes its first steps in the United States

ChatGPT supports questions as well as gives you advice

As indicated by its official statement, the first step of a gradual expansion worldwide will take place in the United States, so for now you will have to wait a little longer if you are outside of North America. In the coming weeks, the number of compatible countries will increase, but it is not yet confirmed which will be the first to receive it.

Maintaining its essence, the App will be free to use for those who wish to take advantage of its most recognized features , although there is also a paid version that adds some extra functions and the possibility of being among the first to test its next developers. For example, it currently has a beta that includes the ability to search the internet in real time.

While we wait for the ChatGPT App to be used in Spain for iOS, the company’s plans for what time of year we will have a native version of Android still remains to be known. Until then, Google is already working on its own artificial intelligence platform, Bard , and the latest speculation about Apple mentions plans to boost the abilities of its assistant Siri .