Clubhouse Browser Version: Application released that does not require an invite

Clubhouse Browser

Enthusiasts have already ported Clubhouse to Android and computers, and also released a Telegram bot for recording rooms.

Updated: Clubhouse Windows Application: How to run Clubhouse on a computer

Now another programmer has published the OpenClubhouse web application (open source) on GitHub , which allows you to run Clubhouse directly in your browser. It should be noted right away that this is not a stand-alone solution that already works on servers. To use the application, you need to “raise” a special service on your computer – although there is a rather short instruction on GitHub, it will be difficult for ordinary users to do this.

Clubhouse Browser 1

OpenClubhouse is a tool exclusively for listening to conversations – apparently, you cannot participate in them yourself. The application shows the name of the rooms, as well as the lists of participants in them. An invite is not required for it to work, since the user does not even need to enter the profile – within this web application, the Clubhouse account is not used at all.

Updated: Clubhouse Windows Application: How to run Clubhouse on a computer

At the moment, OpenClubhouse is in a rather crude form: the developer already knows about the bugs that need to be fixed and the features that need to be added or optimized.

Updated: judging by the source code, the service can only be launched on Linux, but you can connect to it via a web application from a browser on any device.

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