Cognixion ONE Augmented Reality Headset: Mind Control and Artificial Intelligence

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The Cognixion ONE augmented reality headset, which will be released later this year, could radically change the lives of many. First of all, we are talking about people who are deprived of the ability to speak and move. These problems will be compensated for by a brain computer interface (BCI) that can turn thoughts into commands for the device.

For this, six non-invasive dry passive occipital electrodes are located on the back of the headband. Their use does not require shaving or special gel. According to the developers, the device is able to adapt to any brain and any head shape using machine learning algorithms.


The user can call up three keyboard options: QWERTY, ABC, Linotype – or apply separate commands. The device integrates with a computer via USB-C, but in fact it is completely autonomous.

On board there are 4G LTE and Wi-Fi modules, giving, in particular, unlimited communication possibilities. To this can be added, for example, smart home control, backed up by the artificial intelligence of Cognixion ONE.


It is important that the Cognixion ONE user will be able to display both text and simple messages like “yes”, “no”, “hello”, “thank you”, “I need”, “I want” on the external screen of the headset. Moreover, this communication channel can be two-way.


The exact release date and price of Cognixion ONE are not yet known, but the developers from Cognixion have opened an appointment for beta testing of the first samples of the headset. Based on the fact that the company itself is located in California, such testing will be available to volunteers from the United States.

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