Dirac Live Active Room Treatment: New functionality of the sound calibration system

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Dirac , known for its audio calibration solutions for specific listening room acoustics, announced at CES 2023 in Las Vegas a new Dirac Live Active Room Treatment feature in its auto -calibration system . This function treats the home theater surround system as a whole, not as separate speakers. Based on this approach, Dirac Live Active Room Treatment performs spatial sound optimization when all speakers interact with each other to reduce bass decay time and, as a result, get rid of hum and amorphous sound in the low-frequency region.


So far, the most effective way to reduce bass decay time has been to install physical noise absorbers (bass traps) in the corners of the listening room. Dirac claims Dirac Live Active Room Treatment eliminates this need.


The new Dirac Live Active Room Treatment feature works with any audio system that has more than one channel. Moreover, the more channels in the surround system, the more effective the spatial optimization will be.


According to Dirac, the new functionality will appear in Storm Audio ‘s AV receivers and processors in the spring . For components purchased after January 1, 2023, these features will be added after a system firmware update at no charge. Previously purchased receivers and processors will require the purchase of a Dirac Live Active Room Treatment license , which will cost $ 299 .

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