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Facebook mistakenly verified Elon Musk’s fan page

Facebook mistakenly verified a Elon Musk fan page

In early November, users noticed that Elon Musk’s unofficial page with 153 thousand subscribers received a “tick”. After receiving verification, the account began to urge subscribers to transfer $ 1,000 in bitcoins, allegedly to the billionaire’s wallet, in order to receive $ 2,000 in exchange.

Everyone is asking me for help, and now is the time to do it. During the day, I will multiply all your funds sent to the BTC wallet below. You send me $ 1,000 and I will return $ 2,000 to you.

The author of Musk’s unofficial page did not position the profile as a fake – on the contrary, the description stated that this is a fan page that is used to publish materials from the head of SpaceX and Tesla.

Before the checkmark was received, there were only 10 publications in the account, most of which were reposts of the real Musk’s posts. The “Page Transparency” tab, which shows the account history, said that it was created on July 28, 2019 by a person named “Kizito Gavin” – this is an inverted version of the name of footballer Gavin Kisito.

It also indicates that the person managing the page is in Egypt. In 2021, the owner of the profile changed his name six times in a row. On October 17, the author of the account was somehow able to name it Elon Musk.

Meta, which owns Facebook, did not comment on the situation. At the time of this posting, the account is no longer available.

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