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Google and Samsung Make it Easy to Share Data Between Fitness Apps on Android

Health Connect supports physical activity, sleep tracking, blood pressure and more
Health Connect supports physical activity, sleep tracking, blood pressure and more

During the Google I/O conference, Google and Samsung announced a new unified platform and set of APIs called Health Connect. This initiative is designed to simplify the interaction between fitness applications. Developers will be able to create them, and users will be able to manage their fitness data in all such applications.

Health Connect supports over 50 types of data, including physical activity, sleep tracking, heart rate, blood pressure, and other important metrics. New APIs will allow developers to securely access data from various fitness apps and wearables in a single interface. It will also allow apps to use accurate data measured by smartwatches and fitness bands.

Users will be able to control which apps have permission to collect data and have the ability to block access or delete data at any time. Google said that all user data is encrypted and stored only on the device. These new APIs are already available to all app developers via Android Jetpack. Samsung Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness, and Withings will be the first Android apps to use Health Connect.

The Health Connect app is currently available in Early Access on the Google Play Store. All the main developer documentation is here .

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