Google Bard adds extensions that amplify its potential

Google Bard adds extensions that amplify its potential
Google Bard adds extensions that amplify its potential

The Google Bard language model recently received an update that opens up a whole realm of possibilities: extensions . Now we can use Google AI alongside the company’s other services and applications, which considerably expands its potential. Going into details, tools like Gmail, Google Docs, Maps, YouTube, Photos and Flights welcome you to Bard.

To give an example, if you’re planning a vacation trip or something like that, you can ask Bard to look up flights, take care of finding hotel options, and give you directions on Google Maps to get to the airport, and then to tourist destinations. You can even suggest YouTube videos to learn about local culture or interesting activities to do, all of this and more from a single conversation.

Extensions for Google Bard


Likewise, Google’s AI can generate summaries of our emails in Gmail , translate documents, and dig through our conversations to remind us of important information.

Extensions for Google Bard

In this sense, some of the extensions for Google Bard available in the Chrome Web Store are:

Google Bard for Search Engines: An extension that basically adds Bard answers to Google search results.

Bard for Gmail: Allows you to use Bard for Gmail-related tasks, such as generating email digests, translating emails, or finding information in emails.

Bard for Documents: Allows you to use Bard to generate document summaries, translate text, or find information in documents.

AI Assistant for Search: This extension is a more advanced version of Bard for Google Search. It offers a wider range of features, such as support for multiple search engines, dark mode, and contextual information.

Bard for Drive: An extension for Drive-related tasks, such as generating file summaries, translating files, or finding information in files.

Bard for Maps: Use it to find directions, calculate routes, or get information about places using Google Bard.

With all that said, it is our duty to warn that at the moment all these extensions are only available in English , but it is only a matter of time before support is added to more languages as happened with the original release of Bard.

Other news

This September 19, 2023 update not only brought this to the table, there are also quality improvements to the experiment that is Bard. One of the most notable is the addition of the [G] button , which is used to verify the answers generated by the AI, since let’s remember that it is not infallible and still has a few details to polish when it comes to precision. Be that as it may, tapping this option will open a classic Google search with our question/request that will allow us to obtain more information.

As if that were not enough, Bard users in Spanish can now upload images with Google Lens , obtain images from Google search in responses, and modify Bard responses to make them simpler.

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