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Google Drive has changed its file sharing system to make it simple and secure

Now documents on “Google Drive” can be shared only with those user groups that have been previously designated by the administrator

Google has added a new security feature to its cloud storage service, according to TechRadar. It is now easier for multiple users to work on one shared file on Disk. Document administrators can designate the audience with which they are allowed to share a file via links. This will provide a higher level of data security and make it easier to share files between colleagues. After all, the administrator does not have to constantly manage requests for access to the document.

The ability to quickly share links to documents is one of the main reasons many companies have moved their workflows to the cloud. However, exchanging links with questionable users can significantly undermine the security of an organization. This is why Google is introducing a new feature for paid Google Workspace users that will make it harder to share sensitive information with other teams and organizations.

Recall that previously, administrators had much fewer options – they could allow users to share files via a link with any groups and companies. Now, by adjusting the target audience, administrators can define and recommend more detailed link exchange options. If the user is not part of the predefined audience, they will not be able to access the file.

To enable the new feature, you need to find the appropriate Drive settings in the Admin Console. You can assign target audiences at the group or department level. This function has already been tested. As a reminder, it was released as a beta version last August. After testing, the innovation was slightly modified based on user comments. Google has increased the maximum number of target audiences that can be created (from three to five). The company also gave administrators the right to add any group as a target audience, even if it belongs to another organization.

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