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Google is testing new feature to warn of unreliable search results

Google is taking steps to further protect internet users from exploiting search results that may be unreliable or known to be false. In the age of fake news, the company recently launched a fact-checking mechanism to verify the authenticity of search results. The check will further improve the quality of the information accessed through the search engine.

However, the verification mechanism is ineffective if it is flooded with fresh news, making it difficult to verify the content and establish its authenticity. In this scenario, Google cannot guarantee the authenticity of the search item and will warn the user about it. The fact-checking algorithm will take time to establish the reliability of the sources.

Similar to social media platforms Facebook and Twitter , Google is implementing mechanisms in the form of deep learning algorithms to limit the spread of fake news on its platform. In addition, many social networks are increasingly trying to prevent their site from being used as a means of spreading fake and sometimes provocative news.

Google has confirmed it has begun testing the functionality week ago. Currently, posts appear in some search queries, mainly on emerging stories and trending topics. The company continued to improve search quality by promoting search literacy. Also recently, an “About” button has been added to improve search quality.

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