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Google MusicLM AI Composer: Music by Description

Google MusicLM AI Composer
Google MusicLM AI Composer

A Google model called MusicLM is ready to transform into a musical performance what you can, for example, whistle into a telephone receiver, that is, into a microphone. Also announced is the ability to “generate musical pieces of several minutes duration from text prompts.”

In this case, you don’t even have to whistle, you just need to write a description of the required work in a questionnaire style: genre, atmosphere, instruments. And all this in a completely free form. As an example, a composition is mentioned , which should have sequentially included fragments like: “electronic song in a video game”, “meditation song playing by the river”, “fire”, “fireworks”.

Apparently, music created by artificial intelligence in the future is able to break into the core market and at the same time cause a lot of problems, for example, in the field of copyright. This, and perhaps the still unfinished work on the technology itself, prevented it from being released to the public. There are only descriptions and examples of finished works. Which indicate that AI as a composer is quite capable of showing itself in many areas of show business and not only. There is not long to wait.

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