Google started updating iOS apps again

Updates for major products of the company have not been coming to Apple devices since December. Finally, this situation has changed.

A large number of Google applications have stopped updating on the iOS mobile platform since December. Only a few minor programs received updates at the end of January, but now the update has also been released for YouTube.

The latest release of the application, number 15.49.4, took place on December 7th. The new version received the number 15.49.6, and its description, as always, does not reveal details.

Many companies suspend development during the winter holidays, returning to work in mid-January. But Google’s case is different. Many people mistakenly believed that the delay in updates was caused by a new Apple policy requiring the disclosure of data that the application monitors and uses for its own purposes. But the App Privacy section for the YouTube app was full long before the update.

Moreover, information about sensitive data is also present on the pages of other Google products, including those related to YouTube. These changes took place in early February. The corporation has also announced its intention to add the corresponding data for other applications – at the moment there are more than a dozen such programs.