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Google unveils new Windows 11 styled Chrome design

Google announced the upcoming presentation of the updated Chrome browser, the menu of which the developer decided to design in the style of the freshly released Windows 11. Visual changes appeared in one of the latest test builds of Chrome Canary, but to run them you need to activate the corresponding option on the experimental features page.

As far as the changes to the look of Chrome for Windows go, there aren’t many at the moment. The developers have updated the design of the context menus that appear when you right-click anywhere in the browser or when you open a menu item. Rounded window corners and drop shadow effects were one of the notable design changes. Also noted is the emergence of an experimental feature, the activation of which makes the context menus of the browser transparent.

The new design of Chrome has an opportunity to test it now. To do this, you need to download and install the latest version of Canary, on the Chrome: // flags page, activate the Windows 11 Style Menu option, and restart your browser. In all likelihood, these are not the last changes to the design of Chrome, and soon the version of the browser for Windows is expected to be more innovative.

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