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Humane, $230M AI camera startup founded by Apple Employees

Humane, Apple AI Camera Startup, Raises $230M
Humane, Apple AI Camera Startup, Raises $230M

Humane is a mysterious AI wearable camera startup founded by former Apple employees. However, the company has already managed to attract $230 million in investments.

Little, if not nothing, is known about the final expected product / products, only significant and promising something fantastic:

However, the collected $230 million is impressive… Apparently, investors carried their money not for anything specific, but exclusively for well-known people in the high-tech business:

Imran Chaudhri is a designer, inventor and innovator. He spent over 20 years at Apple designing and building some of the world’s most popular products such as the Mac, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone. Imran is best known for his work on the iPhone’s user interface and he has been named the inventor of a thousand patents. His work defines how the world interacts with technology and is driven by his desire to put the human experience first and at the center of design.

Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhry

Bethany Bongiorno led the teams behind some of Apple’s most revolutionary products. As director of software development, she was responsible for managing all software projects for iOS and macOS, and also played a leadership role in major projects such as the launch of the iPad. Bethany is dedicated to building and leading high-performing teams to solve complex problems.

Together, Imran and Bethany envision “a future that will be even smarter and even more personal. Humane is not created for the world that exists today, but for what it could be tomorrow. By reimagining and remembering human connection in the context of computing, they aim to change the role of technology in our lives.

They seem to be convincing guys, but somehow it all resembles the MMM pyramid, although there is a temptation for investors – all of a sudden these confident guys will offer something completely different in imaging technology, which has always ideologically distinguished computers, smartphones and gadgets of their former Apple Mac from similar products from other companies.

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