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iF Design Awards 2022 at a Glance

iF Design Awards 2022 at a Glance
iF Design Awards 2022 at a Glance

iF Design is a prestigious international competition with a history dating back to 1953. Each year, its jury selects the best products in terms of design, carefully selecting from tens of thousands of entries. As usual, well-known manufacturers  Sony , Samsung , LG  and others have won many awards this year. However, in this brief review, we will consider only those products that are relevant to the subject of our site.


Konka OLED V5 _  

The super- slim  V5  not only delivers stunning  OLED picture quality , but powerful surround sound for deep immersion.

LG OLED  65 ART 90 

This unique metal-framed TV looks like a piece of furniture. It has a screen upholstered with expensive fabric, which changes its appearance depending on your wishes.

LG  OLED  2 65/77 inch

The jury celebrates the incredible elegance and lightness of this  LG creation . For added convenience, the stand has a swivel design.

Loewe bild family   

Available in two sizes of 32″ and 43″ with different mounting options, this compact TV is ideal for modest living spaces.

Oppo OLED Lifting Smart TV

With a slight movement of the hand, the screen rises and … exposes a powerful audio system mounted in a TV stand. Another example of  OLED  promises users exceptional picture and sound quality.

Philips OLED 937 

The Philips  flagship  delivers a rare combination of great picture quality and Dolby  Atmos quality sound  , tuned by the true professionals at  Bowers & Wilkins .

Philips OLED 907 

This is yet another  Philips premium TV , co-designed with audio specialists Bowers & Wilkins, and built using the highest quality materials.

Samsung QN900A

Samsung’s flagship infinity edge-to-edge screen is housed in an incredibly thin body and delivers high-quality 8K images accompanied by advanced object-based audio. An important part of the  QN900A  ‘s aesthetic is the One Connect plug  -in , making it easy for users to tidy up their TV.

Samsung QN90A

Innovative  MiniLED  technology has made this TV amazingly sleek while delivering high-quality picture quality. With a discreet bezel design, premium materials make  the QN90A an eye-catcher  in any interior.

Samsung The Frame  

Change The Frame to suit your mood and turn your TV into a painting between viewings.

Skyworth Q31

This ultra-thin TV is covered with high-quality glass not only on the front but also on the back. As a result, it not only acquires an aesthetic appearance, but also receives reliable protection against moisture and other undesirable effects on internal equipment, which prolongs its service life.

Sony 95J

This premium 4K LED TV delivers stunning picture quality, powered by an advanced  XR cognitive processor , and amazingly realistic sound  from Sony ‘s proprietary audio system. The design of the X95J  also deserves special attention,  with a thin aluminum frame around the screen and elegant legs.

TCL Surface

The near bezel-less  Surface  features a sleek stand that feels like the screen is floating in mid-air.


90° LifeX1

This portable projector fits in the palm of your hand and features a 90-degree rotating lens for ease of use. Surprisingly, the battery and audio system are placed in its compact body.

Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser  4K _   

With a powerful laser light source and new  ALPD 3.0 technology, this projector delivers brilliant 4K images . The built-in speakers of this compact device deliver 30 watts of power, and the  Android TV platform makes it a great alternative to a TV.

Epson LS 12000 /  LS 11000 

These premium projectors feature the latest laser light source to bring bright, cinematic images to your home. Carefully thought out and designed using high quality materials, suitable for any interior. 


Powered by a powerful 15600 mAh battery, the P3S  portable projector  comes with a range of smart features, including automatic keystone correction, that make it possible to enjoy video in almost any environment. 


This compact ultra-short throw projector, built with the expertise of  Leica  , can produce a huge  Full HD HDR  image accompanied by 20-watt stereo sound. 

LG HU 715 Q 

This premium ultra short throw 4K  high resolution projector features a bright laser light source and a powerful 40W audio system . And due to the stylish design, the device will fit into any interior.

Philips GoPix 1

This portable  LED  projector fits easily into your pocket and can produce high-quality images up to  2 meters in size just about anywhere. It is equipped with a battery and  USB-C and  HDMI ports , which allow you to connect a wide variety of devices to it.

Samsung The Freestyle

The main feature of this portable device is its versatility, allowing you to use it almost anywhere.

ViewSonic X1000-4K

This flagship projector delivers not only 4K HDR picture quality , but also powerful 40-watt audio, tuned by  Harman Kardon .

Wanbo Projector T6

This compact projector is capable of creating a huge  HD  image up to 5 meters diagonal , offers autofocus, voice control and runs on the  Android TV platform .


Harman Kardon Citation MB 1100   

This is the manufacturer’s first soundbar to combine its renowned  MultiBeam  technology with  Dolby Atmos technology , resulting in best-in-class sound quality. In addition, the  MB1100  boasts a modern and sophisticated design.

Samsung 800 Ultra Slim   

This ultra-slim soundbar with wireless subwoofer combines compact size with impressive power and high quality  Dolby Atmos .

Samsung S60B

The versatile compact  soundbar S60B  will bring you 5 -channel surround sound and decorate your interior with its beautiful appearance.

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