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In 5 years, every third inhabitant of the Earth will use 5G

2020 can be considered the beginning of the 5G era. Now cellular operators around the world are actively deploying next-generation networks, and manufacturers are releasing more and more devices with 5G support, moreover, in different price categories – from flagships to entry-level. However, 5G networks are now available to a limited number of users. Analysts estimate that there were only about 264 million 5G users worldwide at the end of 2020. By the end of 2021, this figure will reach 507 million, and in a few years the number of 5G subscribers will increase several times. At least, analysts of the research firm ABI Research are sure of this.


Analysts at ABI Research have published their new forecast on the development of 5G networks. Despite the coronavirus pandemic and global chip shortages, they say the rate of adoption of the next generation of cellular communications is growing. The industry will grow rapidly in the coming years. According to experts, in 2026, 2.6 billion subscribers around the world will be connected to 5G networks, that is, approximately every third inhabitant of the planet. Thanks to this, the total revenue of cellular operators will reach $ 942 billion. The development of 5G will be driven by the emergence of new services and services, including 4K video streaming, as well as virtual and augmented reality.

In their report, analysts point out that China is a key market for 5G. Today, China accounts for more than two-thirds of all 5G connections. China is followed by the United States, Japan and South Korea in terms of the speed of implementation of a new generation of cellular communications.

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