Instagram developers continue to implement various mechanisms to combat spam. This time, the social network began to remove posts for calls to like, subscribe and comment on posts. Instagram channel Gurov Digital reports.

For most Instagram users, the number of likes is critical, as it greatly affects the ranking of posts in the general social network feed. That is why they often try in every possible way to solicit them from their audience. Such begging will henceforth be punished – publications will be deleted as “spam to increase the number of likes, subscriptions, reposts or video views.” Authors of these posts will receive notices that content violates the Community Guidelines.

Such an initiative will primarily affect those who use promotion methods such as GiveAway and LikeTime, when bloggers give away prizes for likes, subscriptions and comments. It is hoped that there will be fewer such posts on Instagram. Earlier this month, it became known that the social network will begin to block user accounts for insults in personal correspondence.


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