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Instagram will require you to enter your date of birth: AI will check if you are lying

Since 2019, the social network Instagram, when registering new users, asks to indicate the date of birth – this is necessary to determine the age of a person and block a certain type of content if he is not 18 years old. Moreover, in the near future the application will start asking for the date of birth from all those who registered before the new rule with age restriction was introduced, but did not enter this information.

The developers of the social network have emphasized that this is necessary solely to protect the younger generation from inappropriate content.

Instagram will require you to enter your date of birth: AI will check if you lie

In order for previously registered users to enter their date of birth, over the next few weeks, the Instagram application will prompt you to enter this information. For the first time, it will be possible to refuse this – in the window offering to enter the date, there will be a button “Not now”.

But naturally, in the end, the application will simply force the user to enter their date of birth. The fact is that if a person constantly closes this window, then the notification will appear more often, plus some types of content, such as photographs of medical procedures, will not be displayed in the feed.

But it is also not worth deceiving a social network application by entering the wrong age in order to bypass the restrictions on the scope of certain content. Instagram said that the social network will use artificial intelligence, which will determine if the user lied when entering the date of birth. If the algorithm determines that the age is too high, the person will be asked to confirm this information using documents, for example.

True, so far this system is at the initial stage of development – developers first need to test it and set it up before putting it into operation.

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