JBuds Frames – Inexpensive TWS headphones for glasses

JLab unveiled TWS-headphones JBuds Frames , which are attached to the temples. The novelty will go on sale in the spring of 2021 and, according to the manufacturer, will cost only $ 50 .

JBuds Frames - Inexpensive TWS headphones for glasses

JBuds Frames consist of two wireless modules that are attached with special clips to the temples of the glasses. Clamps in different sizes are included to ensure versatility. The developers emphasize that despite the open design, the surrounding will not hear sounds from the speakers. This was achieved thanks to the narrow radiation pattern of the emitters.


Headphones JBuds Frames protected against moisture in accordance with the standard IPX4 , which allows their use in sports and during walks in the fresh air. The built-in rechargeable batteries will last for eight hours.