Lenovo introduces wireless charging, allowing you to charge your laptop like an iPhone

This technology originally appeared in the ThinkBook G2 i laptop, and now the charging can be used separately with other laptops.

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Lenovo experiments with technology quite often, and is not afraid to bring it to releases. Similar experiments include the Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit. This system was first introduced in the ThinkBook G2 i laptop, which the company announced in January this year. However, it can now be used separately from a laptop – to charge any laptop with screens of 13 or 14 inches.

The kit consists of two parts: a narrow rubber strip with two Pogo contacts and a Type-C connector, as well as a metal plate. The strip attaches to the bottom of the laptop and connects with a cable to the computer’s Type-C connector. After this procedure, the laptop can be placed on a metal platform and it will be charged.

The maximum charger power is 65W, which is the standard for Ultrabooks or regular (non-gaming) laptops based on Intel and AMD. Charging is as fast as over the wire. The device is powered by Power by Contact technology from French startup Energysquare, which has partnered with Lenovo.

Image source: windowscentral.com

Operation of the device is limited to laptops with 13 and 14 inch screens due to the length of the strip that is glued to the bottom of the computer. Perhaps Lenovo could make it longer in the future if there is a demand for a charger. By the way, the strip allows you to slightly raise the laptop so that it is at an angle. In this position, it is more comfortable to type text.