Meridian Audio to Showcase Innovative DSP Technologies at CES 2024

Meridian Audio to Showcase Innovative DSP Technologies
Meridian Audio to Showcase Innovative DSP Technologies

At CES 2024, the British company Meridian Audio is showcasing new digital signal processing (DSP) technologies aimed at improving the sound quality of modern audio equipment.

Meridian Audio will showcase the latest developments in DSP designed to enhance soundstage and second-generation vibrohaptic technologies for automotive and home audio systems. Particular attention will be paid to adapting audio systems for electric vehicles, taking into account their specific acoustic profile.

Showcasing the new DSP9 speakers and other high-end products featuring Meridian DSP technology will showcase breakthroughs in “Bass & Space” technology, which allows for a wider soundstage without loss of power or impact, especially relevant for portable speakers.

In the car audio segment, the company will introduce Vibrohaptic Audio technology, which provides an enhanced audio experience and opens up the possibility of creating powerful audio without the use of bulky bass speakers.


Meridian Audio experts use deep knowledge of psychoacoustics to solve the challenges of high-quality audio in electric vehicles, focusing on creating a unique acoustic environment inside the vehicles.

First unveiled at CES 2024, Meridian’s All-In-One Soundbar Concept showcases the company’s advanced technologies that enable a standard premium soundbar to deliver rich, powerful surround sound.

The system offers an intuitive Semantic EQ user interface and psychoacoustics-based audio optimization to achieve impressive results without adding hardware complexity.

Meridian’s new DSP technologies can be applied to any soundbar or portable speaker design.

Meridian Audio continually invests in research and development, creating innovations across multiple market sectors that enable customers to add value and competitive advantage in new ways.