Microsoft Autofill – A completely new password manager synced across all platforms

It works on both Windows in Microsoft Edge as well as macOS, Android and iOS. An extension is provided for Google Chrome

Microsoft Autofill

Microsoft continues to actively expand its cross-platform ecosystem of services. The official Windows blog announced the release of the new Autofill password manager – it’s already available for everyone to use. The solution offers automatic filling and synchronization of passwords on any devices: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and even Google Chrome as a proprietary extension.

Autofill saves passwords to a Microsoft account. On mobile platforms, the service has become part of the general Microsoft Authenticator application for two-factor authentication on the Internet. After authorization, passwords can be viewed in the “Passwords” tab. If you have passwords saved in Microsoft Edge using your Microsoft account, they will also automatically sync with Authenticator.

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For computers, Microsoft Autofill is pre-built into Microsoft Edge. The manager is located in the section “Options and more (…)” → “Options” → “Profiles” → “Passwords”. An extension of the same name is presented for Google Chrome – it allows you to fill in and save passwords of visited websites in a Microsoft account while using Chrome. The extension can be installed in the online store .

Among other things, Authenticator users can now easily import passwords from Chrome and other popular password managers. The ability to import from a CSV file is also declared. Stored passwords are encrypted both on the device itself and in the cloud. In Russian localization, the manager was named Microsoft AutoComplete.

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