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Microsoft Office 365 is now compatible with the Apple M1 ARM processor

Microsoft Office 365 is now compatible with the Apple M1 ARM processor

Microsoft has prepared an updated office suite Office 365 , which implements native support for the new ARM-based processors Apple’s the M1 . As a result, all popular applications in the suite – Word , Excel , PowerPoint , OneNote and Outlook – run on laptops and computers based on the M1 processor without the help of an x86 emulator .

The only exception so far is the Microsoft Teams video conferencing app . The company promises that it will also finalize this application, but has not yet announced a specific time frame. At the same time, one of the main competitors of Microsoft Teams , the Slack service , has already announced the release of a beta version of its application, in which this problem is solved.

In addition to providing native compatibility with the M1 processor , Microsoft Office 365 applications underwent design changes, and Outlook began to support iCloud cloud service accounts with mail, contacts and calendar synchronization capabilities.

The update is already available on the Microsoft website . If you have set up automatic updates for your Office 365 suite , then everything will happen by itself. But if you want, you can update it manually. To do this, go to the Mac AppStore and visit the “Updates” section , or use Microsoft AutoUpdate inside the application – select “Check for Updates” in the “Help” drop-down menu .