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New Firefox version refreshes in the background even when the browser is closed

Today, July 13, the Firefox 90.0 browser will be released – this is the latest stable version of this application, which will be automatically updated for users in the background. Moreover, now Firefox on Windows will download and install updates on the stable software branch even in the background – from the 90th version of the browser, the user does not even need to run the program to get an update. This feature, according to the developers, will significantly streamline the update process and make life easier for the Firefox audience. It’s worth noting that the new feature will not be implemented in Firefox ESR.

And for users who do not like automatic updates, especially in the background, the browser developers have prepared a function that blocks the new browser update mechanism. The user, through administrator rights on Windows, will be able to disable automatic software updates through the “Task Scheduler” or even block the release of updates on the current PC altogether. In addition, the browser in version 90 has a new rather useful HTTPS-Only mode – it allows you to use only the default HTTPS connection in order to use a more reliable connection.

Naturally, when this mode is activated, certain restrictions can be bypassed in order to gain access to HTTP sites that the user considers reliable. To manage the settings and exclusions that the user needs to make, go to the about: preferences # privacy tab and scroll down the page, then click on the “Manage exclusions” button and make the necessary changes.

Additionally, security fixes have been made to Firefox 90, Firefox 78 ESR is the latest browser with Flash support, and FTP support is no longer available. And there was also a page where you can see notifications about compatibility problems with other Windows applications.

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