Nike go fly ease

Nike Go FlyEase – New Hands-Free runnings shoes

Nike has introduced an update to the FlyEase sneaker line, which it began producing not so long ago – in 2015.

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The Go Fly Ease model has already been called hands-free sneakers, because you don’t need to put your hands on or take them off. However, there are no laces or fasteners.

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In addition to showing three colors, the company showed the process of creating sneakers and it’s really very interesting how from the idea and early prototypes at Nike got to the realization of their idea.

To put on a sneaker, you need to insert a foot into it and move, which can be compared to snapping a mountain ski into a “close” sneaker.

To remove the sneaker, you need to rest one foot on the heel and raise your foot. Everything is very simple and, it seems to us, ingenious.

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