Opera launches meme generator and automatic floating video player

An incredibly convenient feature for those who often watch videos on the Internet, but at the same time read news or articles


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Since yesterday, January 24, the developers from Opera have launched the deployment of a stable version of the browser with an index of 83 (based on Chromium 97), which provides users with two rather interesting features at once. The first is responsible for the ability to view the video in a pop-up window.

Initially, a similar automatic pop-up video feature appeared in Opera in the R5 update in June 2021 – the development allowed displaying content from services like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams in a pop-up video, which allowed the user to explore the Internet without looking up from listening to the conference .

Now the same feature works with content on some sites – for example, a user can start a video on YouTube, and then go to another tab to study the information. The video in this case will automatically shrink and will be displayed in a minibar format on top of new tabs. This panel has all the necessary controls – you can pause the video or start playback, lower or increase the volume, fully close the panel.

Moreover, the user can resize this window and move it on the browser screen to any place he needs. In this case, the function can be disabled in the settings or the transparency mode can be activated (it is not configurable).

The second new feature is responsible for the generation of memes – an innovation appeared in the Snapshot tool. After the user has taken a screenshot with this tool, they can click on the “Meme” button to launch the toolbar. Here you can add text above and below the image, set the text color, font and other important points.

The finished image can be saved to a PC or immediately sent to the clipboard to send to someone on social networks or messenger.