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Oxford develops AI that calculates the risk of dying from COVID-19

Scientists and researchers at the University of Oxford have not stood idly by during this terrible pandemic. Not only have they contributed to the development of one of the vaccines, but they have also used their years of expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to continue to contribute. In this sense, they have created an AI capable of detecting COVID-19 and accurately calculating the risk that the infected person has of dying from this disease.

According to the Oxford researchers, “this AI will save lives.” Going into detail, the algorithm developed in cooperation with the  British Heart Foundation,  can calculate the chances of patients dying from a stroke or heart attack.

Oxford creates AI to “save lives”

This AI uses machine learning and the information provided by CT chest scans to detect indicators of the virus;  such as increased inflammation in blood vessels due to cytokines.

According to the official explanation issued by the British Heart Foundation , those with a high level of vascular inflammation were up to eight times more likely to die in hospital and also more likely to respond well to the anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone.

This is when AI developed in partnership with the University of Oxford comes into play. Its tool can quantify the level of inflammation in blood vessels ; And in the case of those with high levels, you can act early by giving them anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce the risk and help with a long-term recovery.

Additionally, researchers will continue to investigate the impact of coronavirus variants as they arise and their effects on the cardiovascular system, which will help to respond more quickly in the future. Best of all, this technology and research applies not only to COVID-19, but to any virus that affects the cardiovascular system.  

Clinical trials are currently underway to determine the effectiveness of this method; which simply implies adding an additional step in the care of patients admitted to hospitals that already have a CT scan.

The platform has been developed in such a way that it can identify COVID-19 patients at increased risk for heart attacks or heart complications due to overreactions of the immune system. With that said, this AI has great potential to save lives and to help better understand viruses in the future.

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