Panasonic Automotive – Charging gadgets in cars

Panasonic Automotive

Panasonic Automotive presented at the exhibition CES 2021 are two variants of wireless car charger (with static and floating coil) that will quickly and efficiently charge your mobile gadgets on the go.

Many of the mobile gadgets we use every day travel short or long distances with us in our car. And the ever-increasing power consumption of apps, navigation and music services increases the need for reliable automotive power supplies to efficiently charge devices.

Panasonic Automotive Wireless Charging System allows you to charge your gadgets anywhere in the car, without problems with the first connection. The moving element of the system makes it easy to connect the charger to a smartphone or other gadget – the moving coil inside the wireless charging itself finds the best place to transfer energy to the charging device. Panasonic’s innovative detection technology precisely directs charging to a specific mobile device. The wireless charging coil takes an optimal position in relation to the charging coil of the gadget and quickly turns on.

Charging gadgets in cars with Panasonic

In addition, moving coil technology provides better connectivity than other wireless charging systems, and moving coil charging performance rivals wired systems – with 15 watts of charging power, Panasonic wireless technology can rival wired / static charging speeds.

Panasonic wireless charging specifications:

  •  Charging power – 15 watts, one of the highest rates among wireless systems;
  • Accuracy of detection – precisely positioned in relation to your device (option with a moving coil);
  • Smart Alignment – tracking technology – the moving coil optimizes the position for efficient charging of the device (moving coil version);
  • Temperature control – control the temperature range during long charging periods to prevent overheating (moving coil option);
  • Support for NFC BT / Wi-Fi connections – while charging, the mobile device retains the ability to make / receive phone calls and use applications, working as usual;
  • Qi 1.3 charging standard

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