Pornhub plans to use “biometric systems” when verifying users who upload content. That is, ordinary users should not be affected. The service will also expand the team of moderators – now they will “track search queries on the platform for an increase in the number of phrases that are trying to bypass existing security measures.”

All changes in Pornhub are taking place as part of the fight against illegal content – previously the site was disabled from paying with Visa and Mastercard in connection with the detected videos with violence against minors.

Authors will be verified through identity documents. Then the Yoti company, based on biometric systems, will validate the document.

“Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other technology platforms, Pornhub strives to be completely transparent about content that should and shouldn’t appear on the platform. This report will be the first of its kind among adult platforms and will set the industry standard for transparency and accountability, ”the site said in a statement.

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