Rumour: iPhone 16 and iPad Pro will receive AI support

iPhone 16 and iPad Pro will receive AI support
iPhone 16 and iPad Pro will receive AI support

Apple is preparing to introduce its flagship advanced tablet, the iPad Pro, which can be used for video editing and photo processing thanks to its powerful hardware. The announcement of a new product with an artificial intelligence system and an updated OLED display will take place on May 7. Similar functionality can be implemented in the iPhone 16 smartphones, which will be released in early autumn.

Traditionally, information about future Apple products is published by Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman. This time he clarifies that there is a high probability that the new generation iPad Pro will receive an Apple M4 chip with support for artificial intelligence ( Neural Engine ). The tablet will be the first among all Apple products to be equipped with such functionality. It is these capabilities that Apple will focus on during the announcement of the device.

iPad Pro (2024)

The company has already sent out invitations to the presentation of the new tablet (see image below):


Thanks to the Apple M4 chip and software, namely the iPadOS 18 operating system, the new advanced tablet will be able to work with neural networks . Apparently, we are talking about software from OpenAI, Google and other companies. However, it is also clarified that Apple will equip the tablet with applications of its own design.

Most recently, it was reported that Apple had resumed negotiations with ChatGPT developer OpenAI. Negotiations continued with Google regarding the use of their AI system: Google Gemini AI . Apple has not made a final choice, and it is likely that cooperation will go along two lines at once, and users will be able to work with both artificial intelligence systems.

Some foreign experts agree that the iPad Pro will be the most productive and high-tech tablet on the market at the time of its announcement. At the same time, it will offer the widest choice of applications. Thanks to artificial intelligence systems, the iPad Pro (2024) will give significantly more scope for creativity, including for photographers and those who work with video content.

The Apple M4 chip itself will not be much different from the Apple M3 platform. However, structurally it will be more adapted to work with AI systems. In the future, the company’s smartphones, the iPhone 16 and subsequent models, may also undergo a similar “adaptation.”

Apple Pencil (3rd generation)

A presentation of the updated Apple Pencil stylus (third generation) is also expected. The stylus will receive haptic feedback.

This will supposedly allow users to experience different textures when drawing in graphics applications, as if they were drawing on regular paper and feeling the roughness of that paper.

Apple Pencil 3 for iPad Pro will also feature new gesture controls for more natural drawing and interaction across apps. It is not yet entirely clear how exactly this will be implemented, but we will find out very soon.

In addition, Apple will talk in detail about the strategy for using AI chips in its gadgets at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference on May 7. In particular, we will talk about how exactly the new iPad Pro and other M4-based devices will use the AI ​​capabilities of the iPadOS 18 operating system. These will likely be built-in applications from Apple.

The Apple M4 chip will have at least three versions . The basic one (Apple M4) is codenamed Donan. This processor will be installed in the iPad Pro tablet and MacBook Pro, MacBook Air laptops and junior Mac Mini desktop computers.

A slightly more advanced version – Apple M4 Pro will be available on MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and Mac Studio laptops. This processor is codenamed Brava.

The third and most advanced version of the Apple M4 Max (or Ultra) will be installed in older Mac Pro configurations. These chips are codenamed Hidra.

iPhone 16

Also, quite a lot of details are currently known about the next generation Apple iPhone smartphones. The models in question are: iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. These models will have displays with diagonals of 6.1, 6.7, 6.3 and 6.9 inches, respectively, according to the source who published their images.

iPhone 16 Pro will receive an updated OLED display. This is a bright panel that doesn’t consume much power. The autonomy of the device will increase.

It is clarified that the frames of the smartphone will become even thinner, and the software of the iPhone 16 Pro will receive the new iOS 18 operating system (all smartphone models starting from the iPhone XR will be updated to it). Similar to a similar operating system for the iPad, this update will add many artificial intelligence-based features to Apple smartphones. The main intrigue remains what exactly these functions will be.

It is known that the basic applications will be improved: “Photos”, “Mail”, “Notes” and “Fitness”. Interestingly, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman states that iOS 18 is one of the biggest iPhone software updates ever. The iPhone home screen will get new features – you can freely place icons without aligning them to a grid.

App design in iOS 18 will be more “modular” and easier to update and customize.

Regarding the iPhones themselves, the amount of RAM will increase , the source reports. And to increase computing capabilities, a new processor will appear, the Apple A18 Pro processor .

Regarding camera improvements, it is reported that the older smartphone model will receive an updated TV module . Perhaps it will work with periscope optics .

Apple is expected to introduce new smartphones in September 2024.