Samsung AR Glasses leaked online

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What Samsung casually and casually showed on the stage of the CES 2020 conference last year, today the world saw with its own eyes. And no, this is not a new watch or a smartphone from the company, it is a much more interesting and unusual device – AR glasses for everyday wear.

The WalkingCat insider posted them on his Twitter.

We invite you to look at the videos yourself, and then a few words from us.

In this video – new augmented reality glasses.

In this video we see the capabilities of Samsung AR Glasses. It is no coincidence that the title of the video contains the inscription “The next wearable computer”.

Let’s summarize what we saw. AR glasses look like regular glasses. But the side view shows that they are quite thick due to the display built into the lenses. This allows them to project a virtual screen on which they can play, work on a PC or watch YouTube. There is also the “Sunglasses” mode, in which the lenses are darkened. Samsung offers to control the mode and all functions in the glasses through a smart watch or gestures.

Also, these AR-glasses will help in the implementation of special projects: you can “see” virtual digital objects in 3D, linked to the real environment. This resembles Stark’s technology from Iron Man, or the existing counterparts of Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap.

Let’s go back to the story about CES 2020. In case you missed it, Samsung showed its ability in AR workout tracking at that conference . Onstage was a presenter and a girl dressed in a motion tracking suit (he collected data on her body during exercise). But suddenly the girl said that she would also wear glasses with augmented reality.

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Then no one really understood anything, and Samsung did not say a word about the glasses themselves. But a year later we saw another concept of AR glasses. And it is very different from the patents registered by Samsung!

Be that as it may, it is clear that the AR glasses race is starting right now, and there is not long to wait for Apple or Google to move. But that makes it more interesting for us!

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