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Samsung Museum of Innovation: Online Tours on Display History

Samsung Museum of Innovation Launches Online Tours on Display History

Samsung Technology Innovation Museum (S / I / M), the largest electronics industry history museum in South Korea, continues its online tour series with three new videos.

The videos are dedicated to the history of an electronic product that has changed the world since its inception and continues to develop rapidly today. In three videos, telling about different eras, viewers will be told about the legendary TV models.

The first video in the series introduces black and white television, a product that ushered in a new era of popular culture. The video mentions the world’s first black and white Televisor TV, as well as the first portable TV with transistors and the first black and white TV from Samsung Electronics.

The second video tour focuses on the advent of color TVs and flat-panel displays, two innovations that have changed the viewing experience. These events marked the beginning of the era of home entertainment, as well as the transformation of TV into an interior element.

The third video showcases the latest Samsung TVs, including Smart TVs. Take this online tour to see how Samsung TVs, with innovative technology and unique user experience, are being applied in a variety of applications today.

In the near future, S / I / M plans to launch a series of three virtual tours on the theme of Mobile Devices.

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