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Sonos owners get access to 24-bit files from Qobuz

Sonos users will receive their music in Hi-Res quality from the Qobuz streaming service. For Sonos owners, this primarily means the availability of high quality music that does not need to be sourced and stored on local storage. It’s convenient to use the Sonos S2 app for this – it can play 24-bit files. But streaming with Qobuz will certainly expand the possibilities.

To listen to 24-bit audio, Sonos owners will need to subscribe to any of the Qobuz packages: Studio Premier or Studio Sublime. The same Sonos S2 app will work for playback. It is compatible with most Sonos models, including the recently launched Sonos Roam speaker .

That Qobuz was the first streaming service to broadcast Hi-Res for Sonos can be partly attributed to tradition. Qobuz was the first to provide 16-bit streaming to Sonos devices back in 2013. One way or another, but the largest services like Tidal or Amazon Music HD are in a position of catching up.

Sonos owners in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States can listen to 24-bit streaming audio from Qobuz.

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