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Sony launches Airpeak – its first drone and begins testing for the Vision S electric car

Sony launches its first drone and begins testing for the Vision S electric car

Sony unveiled the Vision S at CES 2020, a prototype with a 200 kW engine that could accelerate from 0 to 100 in 4.8 seconds. At that time, the Japanese said that the car had level 2 autonomous driving capabilities. In parallel with the improvement of vehicle development in the areas of safety and security, entertainment and adaptability, in December 2020, road testing for technical evaluation began in Austria. So soon we could see more details about the Japanese car.

At the same time, the first presentation of the design of the “Airpeak” drone took place.Equipped with the Sony “α” (Alpha) mirrorless camera, Airpeak combines dynamic filming with an accurate and stable flight experience. Through this initiative, Sony is trying to contribute to the evolution of drones and generate value at the highest level in this ever-growing market. Basically, video content creators, directors, can make drone images taken with an authentic camera, not with a small sensor crammed into a drone.

Airpeak has four rotors, two landing arms that rise to take off and the design seems to be elegant.

Airpeak will launch in the spring, but Sony has not revealed a price for it. The Japanese enter a rather crowded market where they will fight with companies such as DJI, Parrot or Skydio.

What else did Sony present at CES 2021

Virtual production by volumetric capture of the real world

The set and positioning of the production location for the film / TV show are recorded as cloud data in the form of three-dimensional dots, then processed and rendered using Sony Innovation Studios’ “Atom View” software, being reproduced as wallpaper on a display. Crystal LED for real-time virtual production.

360 Reality Audio Music Production Tools

Sony and Virtual Sonics Inc., a company dedicated to the development of software for the music industry, have developed the 360 ​​Reality Audio Creative Suite, a tool that allows the composition of 360 Reality Audio compatible songs that make up a sound field in space. It allows creators and artists to easily express their art in a 360-degree spherical acoustic field, using their own existing production platforms.

The premium XG-compatible Xperia 5 II captures reality and expands the creators’ expressive possibilities with the integrated Photography Pro modes of the integrated camera and Cinematography Pro “inspired by CineAlta”, which allows users to use similar parameters and settings. color to enhance the cinematic filming experience. A color setting inspired by the reproduction of Master Monitor colors in the range of professional technologies Sony offers an unprecedented color accuracy, as designed by the creators. 5G technology allows real-time data transmission and reception.

The screen that reproduces the spatial reality

A screen that reproduces in space three-dimensional images, very close to reality, allowing creators to fully express their vision when presenting the design of products or displaying variations in color or shape, but also to convey to others the intended intention . Due to the extraordinary realism and level of detail, it expands the possibilities of video expression, for example in displays and three-dimensional signage in stores, while allowing the viewer to see the depth, texture and appearance of the object, with a real sense of presence.

Crystal LED screen

The new Crystal LED series is equipped with a high-performance “X1 ™ for Crystal LED” image quality processor that incorporates LED Control technology developed by Sony for the new Crystal LED range, with highly appreciated signal processing technology implemented on the Sony TV series BRAVIA. Highly realistic images can be expressed in a wide range of different sizes and ways for multiple practical uses, such as corporate showrooms, lobbies of various buildings and virtual productions, providing immersive images that stimulate the creativity of creators.

Hawk-Eye innovations for baseball tracking and analysis services

Hawk-Eye, which offers solutions dedicated to sports, becoming an increasingly important part of the new normal society, also offers tracking and analysis services for baseball games. Accurate and detailed data are obtained through visual image processing technology and through other techniques that are used to involve fans, but also for player development. In the future, Sony will strengthen the use of such data in the field of entertainment.

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