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Spotify begins testing affordable Daily and Weekly Subscriptions

Spotify announced new subscription packages named “Premium Mini”, where users can get a daily or weekly subscription. Packages that are currently only available in India may also be made available in other countries if there is interest from users.

Spotify , the world’s most popular online music platform, announced a new subscription plan. Named as “Premium Mini” according to the statements made, this subscription plan offers users a limited premium experience for only one day or one week . As can be expected, these plans are quite affordable. Although Spotify has only made this subscription plan available in India for now, it may be available in other countries in the future.

Spotify’s Premium Mini subscription plan offers users only 30 music downloads. In addition, a user who takes advantage of this plan can experience Spotify’s premium features only through the mobile application . So the web or desktop version is excluded from this subscription plan.

Spotify Premium Mini subscription packages are the kind to appeal at affordable prices


According to the statements made by Spotify, Premium Mini packages can be obtained at very affordable prices.

Spotify’s new subscription plans are advantageous for consumers who use the app for a short time. However, if you renew your subscription every day for a month by paying 75 cents per day.

  • Note: The  amounts we give for Spotify’s Premium Mini packages are adjusted according to the parity of Indian rupees and Turkish lira. Naturally, if you arrive in Turkey this subscription plan, pricing may vary.